NextGen Cel Service Terms & Conditions And Refund Policy

1.0 User Account

Each User shall have an "Account" with a User Name and Password. Such account shall be prepaid. The cost of all calls made by you shall be deducted from the balance outstanding on your account. Once the whole of the balance of your account has been used you shall not be entitled to make any further use of the Services unless you purchase additional credit (recharge your account). We reserve the right to vary the Charges in accordance with Clause 3.

2.0 Suspension of Service

We may suspend immediately the provision of the Services (or a part of them) to you until further notice without compensation;

  • for repairs, maintenance or improvement;
  • in the event that we have reason to suspect illegal, unlawful or fraudulent activity or misuse of the Services;
  • in the event that we are required to comply with an order, direction, instruction or request of any Competent Authority.

Any exercise of our right to suspend the Services shall not exclude our right subsequently to terminate this Agreement. We may refuse to restore the Services to you until the matters are cured or we receive an acceptable assurance from you that there will be no further breach.

3.0 Modifications and Changes to Services

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the Service which we provide to you in the event that;

  • A Competent Authority makes any direction or order recommending or requiring any technical modifications or changes in our trading, operating or business practices or policy; or
  • we reasonably determine that any technical modifications to the Network or change in our trading, operating or business practices or policy is necessary to maintain the Services which we provide to you.

We may, at our sole discretion and without prior notice, change or vary any Charges or rates affecting the Service. You may contact our Customer Services department for the most up-to-date rate information for all our Services. Actual rates shall be available to you on your account Log-in and Management page (consult "rates").

4.0 Warranty and Refund Policy

All materials, information, software, products and services are provided "as is" and "as available." All account recharges and/or credit vouchers are non-refundable.

It is understood that telecommunications services are never guaranteed for perfect operation considering the number of technical elements involved that are outside of the control of the Company. For example, call failure can occur due to local or international operators, the call origination or the call destination.

However, to ensure a certain level of service to our customers, the company will investigate all complaints of failed calls that were improperly charged to an account, including such items as charged for a call that did not connect, wrong charging or charged connections without voice transmission. In this event, the company will credit the account for the amount charged for the call minutes in error.

5.0 Jurisdiction

Your services are being provided by NG Mobile Systems, Sarl and subject to the laws of Luxembourg.

NG Mobile Systems, Sarl, dated 23 October 2010.