Mobile IP Telecom

NextGen Cel uses your phone's Internet connection over Wi-Fi & 3G to make calls through our platform. Calls are carried by national telecoms (this is not a web call) at significantly lower rates.

How it Works

NextGen Cel uses your phone's Internet connection on Wi-Fi and 3G, even when the ports are blocked. Calls go over IP to our telecom switch and are then carried by national telecoms to any number in the world with the highest call quality.


Enjoy the same great rates to fixed and mobile numbers no matter where in the world you connect. Call the US for just $0.02 per minute from anywhere in the world.

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Send SMS

Send messages for one fixed rate ($0.10) to any destination in the world.


Once registered, simply prepay your minutes on the web or with a recharge card. Credits never expire!

Free Calls

Calls to other NextGenCel customers are free. Simply dial a contact's number, and if they are on NextGenCel, then the call is free.  If not, then the call connects to their mobile as a NextGenCel call.  It's automatic!

Now enjoy NextGenCel calls with High Definition (HD) Voice! (a new experience in call quality).

To ensure you get your free calls, enter your correct mobile number and country code upon signup. Click here to sign up for a NextGen Cel account now.

HD Voice

NextGenCel with HD Voice is a whole new experience in voice quality.  HD Voice is available on calls between NextGenCel users and calls to HD Voice mobile networks.  Look for HD Voice enabled phones (such as the latest iPhones, iPads, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia).  Also coming to all LTE (4G) networks.

HD Voice

International Numbers - Coming soon

Order a phone number from over 30 countries that will forward to your NextGenCel account.  For example, order a U.K. number.  When people call your U.K. number your NextGenCel phone will ring.  If you are on NextGenCel, the incoming call is free and no roaming.  If you are not on line at the time, the call will forward to your mobile phone (or any number you choose).

Data & Roaming

When connected over 3G, you are using your Operator's data plan for Internet connection and not your voice minutes.  When connected over WiFi you are not using your SIM card or your mobile Operator.

There are no roaming charges when connected over Wi-Fi. When using 3G abroad there may be roaming data fees, so we recommend using Wi-Fi when abroad.

Getting Started

Setting up an account is simple. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to making cheaper calls.

  1. Register for an account
  2. Download the app for your phone.
  3. Start making cheaper calls!
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Key Rates

Here are a few of our great rates to countries all over the world.

Location Cost (per min)
Australia $0.0336
Brazil $0.0449
Canada $0.0094
China $0.0192
Mexico City $0.0421
France $0.0264
India Mobile $0.0190
Russia Moscow $0.0324
United Kingdom $0.0240
USA $0.0212

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