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Launch NextGen Cel

  1. Options : "Settings"
  2. Enter your User Name
  3. Enter your Password
  4. SAVE

You will only need to enter these settings once.

When traveling outside your home network we recommend disabling 3G data connections to avoid roaming fees and connect to a WiFi hot spot.

Step One


Dial a number depending on your Dial Plan :

+/00 Dial Plan - use either "+" or "00" - country code - number for all calls (national and international)


US Dial Plan - dial 1-area code number for national calls and use either "+" or "011" - country code - number for international calls

Contacts: Make a Call from your Address Book (provided the number is entered as above)

Step Two

Check Your Rate

  1. Enter Your Number
  2. Request Call Cost from the Menu
Step Three

Share Your Account

Your User Name and Password can also be used with other phones including iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Android.

You may use your account with any SIP phone:

  • Set the SIP address to:
  • Use your User Name and Password for Authentication Name and Password

You can also use your account to call from any computer by logging in to

If your WiFi requires login on a web page, then use your phone's browser to login before launching NextGen Cel.

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